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Explore small and editable LED flexible screens, easily edit images and text through the app, showcase personalized styles, suitable for various products such as clothing, backpacks, and walls, and create personalized experiences.
Flexible wash wall lights have many unique features and advantages compared to conventional wash wall lights. Below is a detailed introduction of flexible wash wall lights and a comparison with conventional wash wall lights to showcase their superiority.
The nomenclature and explanation of various IC names for addressable LED strips
HCV LED strip is a type of LED strip designed for easy installation and cutting. Taking a 12V strip as an example, it is typically constructed by series-connecting three LEDs and one resistor as a group to ensure a voltage of 12V for each group, with multiple groups connected together. It can be cut and extended during the installation process.
Gosens LED strips: Stunning colors, easy installation, energy-efficient. Upgrade your ambiance! 💡🔌✨
A very comprehensive explanation! 12V and 24V LED strips have their own advantages in different situations. Considering the length, complexity, safety, and practicality of the line
Detail control of LED strip production process, SMT welding inspection aging and other processes
Precautions for indoor and outdoor installation of LED strips, as well as schematic diagrams of multiple LED strips in series and parallel
Linear LED lighting scheme lights.Linearity is a visual form element that exists in real life or art works. With the development of society, people can have higher requirements for their living and working environment. Linear lighting schemes are gradually integrated into daily environments with the development of society. Today, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of two commonly used linear lighting schemes.
Advantages and disadvantages of linear power supply and high-frequency switching power supply
Rectifier circuit faults and diode detection can be resolved using universal methods. The troubleshooting and repair of rectifier circuit faults mainly include checking the rectifier diodes, as they are the main components used in rectification. Therefore, a set of diode detection methods can be applied to troubleshooting rectifier circuits.
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