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1608 RGB Neon LED strip 1
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 2
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 3
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 4
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 5
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 6
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 7
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 1
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 2
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 3
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 4
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 5
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 6
1608 RGB Neon LED strip 7

1608 RGB Neon LED strip

The silicone sleeve neon light strip adopts high brightness, low energy consumption LED beads and a flexible silicone jacket design, suitable for use in various harsh environments. It has waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant and other characteristics, and can be bent or expanded at will. Silicone sleeve neon light strips are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, building lighting, urban lighting, holiday celebrations, and other fields. They are more energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and have lower maintenance costs than traditional neon lights.


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    Product details

    1. Multiple colors
    2. Luminous effect
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    3. Bending effect

    Product description

    1608 RGB Neon LED strip 11  8 * 16RGB neon light strip is a type of light strip with built-in RGB LED chips, which can generate rich color changes.  This type of light strip is usually wrapped in a silicone sleeve, allowing it to bend sideways.  Silicone sleeves can also protect the light strip from external environmental damage.  Compared to other types of light strips, the advantage of RGB neon light strips is that they can present multiple colors, such as red, green, and blue.  By mixing these basic colors, a large number of color changes can be produced.

    1608 RGB Neon LED strip 12  This type of light strip is usually widely used in interior decoration, holiday celebrations, commercial displays, and even vehicle decoration and other fields.  Outdoor installation can also be waterproof and UV resistant.  In short, RGB neon light strips are a multifunctional light source that can provide personalized, fashionable, and high-quality lighting effects.

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    1. Cutting size as small as 5cm –

    We offer the flexibility to customize cutting sizes to meet your unique needs and specifications.

    2. Customizable waterproof grade –

    We can tailor the level of waterproofing to match your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in various environments.

    3. Low minimum order quantity –

    Our minimum order quantity starts at just 50 meters, enabling you to purchase the exact amount you need without having to commit to large quantities.

    4. Fast product delivery –

    For orders under 500 meters, we offer shipping within three days. For larger orders, we will work with you to provide a detailed timeline for delivery. Customizations may increase the delivery time.

    5. Extensive customization options –

    We offer a range of customization options, including length, wires, connectors, special-shaped circuit boards, and functional circuits. We can even print your logo on the circuit board to give your project a personalized touch.

    6. Customizable packaging –

    We offer customizable packaging options, including individual labels, outer boxes, and customized barcodes, providing an extra level of personalization.

    7. Flexible transportation options –

    We offer a range of transportation options based on your order quantity, including express delivery, sea freight, or delivering to your freight forwarding company. We waive transportation costs within China.

    8. Simple purchasing process –

    You can easily submit your product requirements on our website by leaving your email, and we will promptly contact you to discuss your project needs.

    9. Convenient payment methods –

    We accept various common payment methods, including credit card, Alipay, WeChat payment, and bank transfer. We can also negotiate the payment method that best suits your needs and situation.

    10. Comprehensive after-sales service –

    We provide a guarantee of after-sales service for all our products. If you encounter any issues during use, our customer service team is available to assist you and provide a satisfactory resolution.

    11. Sample availability –

    We offer samples for your reference and testing purposes. Contact our sales representative for more information and details about obtaining samples.

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